In January, my wife and I exhibited at the Wedding Experience Show at the Hilton Hotel. We had met this lovely Italian lady and when we asked where she was getting married she said Allington Castle. Up until that point I never knew Allington Castle even existed! Admittedly It’s not very often I google “castles in Kent” – But after doing a little digging, and found Allington Castle, all I can say is WOW!

I am very fortunate to have been asked to shoot their wedding because after doing the pre-wedding brief today with the couple and organiser, I found myself instantly immersed in the natural beauty that this castle has to offer. I was picturing as we were walking around how this would look on film. The grounds are so well looked after, and the castle and surrounding lakes are simply picture perfect.

I’m very excited to film the big day in June this year. Let’s pray for good weather!