Hello! And welcome to MAC videography. I’m Mike and together with my wife Emma we’d like to thank you for  checking us out whilst on your search for the perfect wedding videographer.

We are a proud mum and dad to our two beautiful children as well as a husband and wife creative wedding filmmaking duo. For us, filming weddings is not a business or a job. It’s a creative art – something we both really enjoy, capturing those moments and telling the story in a beautifully crafted motion picture.

Image by Photography by Kirsty (@photographybykirsty_studio on Instagram)

Our core principle

It’s not all about what we create. We take great pleasure in getting to know you. We love a chat and we genuinely want you to feel that we are just more than a supplier on the big day. What makes our films so special is that we capture the authentic you and nothing about what we do is staged or directed. Documenting your wedding should be a fun and relaxed experience – to the point where you forget the idea that there’s even a camera in sight. When we achieve that, the story will simply tell itself – and this we promise.

Image by Steve Barber Photography (https://www.stevebarberphotography.com/)

Our wedding story began in 2016

Emma and I became husband and wife in 2016. And it wasn’t until 2018 that I decided to take the plunge and start MAC videography. I’ve always been a huge fan of film tech and just love watching how films get created. (Yes… I am one of those that actually watches the bonus features and behind the scenes footage of a blockbuster movie).

But sadly this wasn’t enough to win me over in having our own wedding filmed. My wife did her best to convince me, but I didn’t let go of the purse strings. And all I could think about is how much we have spent already on the big day.

Typically this turned out to be one of those decisions where you should have just listened to your wife. Because every anniversary I am now reminded of the fact that we should have had our wedding filmed. And to be fair, after many years of consideration, I have now conceded to the fact that she was right. And I don’t just say that to convince prospective couples that are on the fence on whether to have their day filmed or not. I say it quite honestly that I wish I could watch back our day. Our kids weren’t around then and it would have been awesome to show them what mummy looked like in her dress, how handsome and slim daddy looked at the time and all the rest of the shenanigans.

We hear all the time from married couples that they wished they had their big day filmed. We are also part of that club too.

For the majority of us, getting married will be a once in a life time event. Back in 2016 when we said our vows we had the amazing Steve Barber who was our photographer on the day. We look back at our photos every now and again. But this is the only real memory we have of our special day. Photo’s are a snapshot of time and they will always have their place at weddings. Videography on the other hand is another angle to your wedding memories where you get to hear back the noise, watch back the emotion and the fun – and relive your special day.

Had we have known the true value of having our wedding filmed back then as I do now, I wouldn’t have hesitated to have had a videographer. This may sound all cliché but it is true.

And this is exactly how MAC videography started; based on our own mis-fortune and inspiring future newly weds to make this investment towards their big day they surely will not regret.

Image by TJG Photography (https://www.tjgphotography.co.uk/)
Image by Photography by Kirsty (@photographybykirsty_studio on Instagram)

Knowing that your story will live on in your family stories for years to come is something we feel incredibly grateful to be a part of.

We love what we do. We love who we get to do it with. But even more rewarding is that we get to create a memory that will help remember what it felt like standing there, hand in hand, telling each other and the world you’re a team. Knowing that your story will live on in your family stories for years to come is something we feel incredibly grateful to be a part of.

Our style is fly-on-the-wall. We are people who blend in with the crowd, capturing moments without being noticed. Where nothing is staged and we ask no more than to be yourselves. On the day we are no more than privileged guests where it will feel like you’ve know us for years. These are the principles that we live by to make everything we create perfectly natural.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and watching our films. And if you feel we are the right fit for your big day, we want to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with everything we do.

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