We've been creating memories since 2018.

MAC Videography is made up of Mike & Emma. A husband and wife multi-award-winning filmmaking team.

Hey! Thanks for checking us out. We travel across the UK and around the world for couples in search of something different, unique yet truly personal. We are best known for the diversity in our creatives, creating a true-to-the-day memento in a visually stunning motion picture.


It's so much more than just creating memories.For us, it's building that real connection with you.

We take great pleasure in getting to know you. We love a chat and we genuinely want you to feel that we are just more than a supplier on the big day. What makes our films so special is that we jump on that rollercoaster ride with you and feel that raw emotion, love, energy, atmosphere, and everything else in between. This allows us to not only capture what’s going on but encapsulate those feelings felt on the day and embed them into your films which truly makes it about you and your relationship. Documenting your wedding will be a fun and relaxed experience – We film with intent but keep it natural – to the point where you forget the idea that there’s even a camera in sight. When we achieve that, the story will simply tell itself – and this we promise.

The story of us.

In 2016 we said our own I do's.Photographer, Yes.Videographer, No.Regret, 100%.

We hear it a lot from married couples that they wished they had their big day filmed. And we understand why, because sadly we are part of that club too. It will be a one-time thing for many of us. And it’s probably one of a handful of occasions where your entire family and closest friends come together, all in one place, on one day to celebrate.

Take it from us, a lot happens on the big day. And, before you know it, last orders are called at the bar, and all the plans you have had arranged for weeks, months, even years have all come to fruition. The day has come and gone, and you are left with an everlasting memory of what was the one of the biggest days of your life. But memories sadly do fade.

The reason to do it!

Having your wedding filmed is likely to be one the best investments you'll ever make and one that grows in value over time. For most of us, getting married is a one-time thing in our lifetimes.

We will always remember what it was like on wedding day, but wouldn’t it be amazing to watch back how we looked, what we did, how we sounded, how we laughed, how we cried, how we partied, how our parents and grandparents looked at us with pride when we said our “I Do’s”. You can’t get that from photos in an album. Photography will always have its place at weddings but a wedding film can relive the day, visually and emotionally. It sounds cliché but it’s true.

Above is a cute shot of us in interview mode when we won the TWIA Videographer of the Year award in the South East. We love what we do and we will never tire of creating the memories that we know will stay in your family history for years to come.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and watching our films. And if you feel we are the right fit for your big day, we want to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with everything we do.


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