Having your wedding filmed is likely to be one the best investments you’ll make and one that you will certainly not regret. The vast majority of couples will only experience this once in their lifetime. We keep things simple with one package, giving you that peace of mind that everything is taken care of and that you will have some amazing memories to look back on in years to come.

Our Style

Capturing “the real”.
We are all about fly-on-the wall, authentic story-telling.

We blend in with the crowd – Join in with the banter – we are merely just guests on your big day – where the cameras remain low-key and all you have to be is yourselves – and that’s how we document and tell the story of your wedding. But more than this, we want to know you as a couple, from how it all began to how your partner proposed. We feel a wedding film should not only tell the story of the day but encapsulate your journey to how you reached this big life moment.

All day coverage

From prep to party. We are with you all day.

Our shooting coverage doesn’t have a time limit. From the preparations to late into the evening. We are with you to capture the entirety of your day. The evening reception is the most dynamic part for any wedding film we produce – and we wouldn’t want to miss it. And if there are fireworks or anything else you’d like us to capture before we put the cameras away, we will more than happy to stay longer.

For most weddings, it’s perfectly adequate to have only just the one videographer. But if you’d like the both of us so we can capture even more of your day, we can arrange this too.

Image by Tim Goldup @ TJG Photography

Love is in the air

Filming up above with our drone

Our drone comes with us to every wedding we are invited to film. It adds that extra dynamic and that wow factor to the films we create for our couples. It’s just another camera at our disposal for your big day and as such, we don’t charge any extra for the privilege. Of course, this is subject to venue approval and that the venue isn’t too close to an airport – and that the weather works in our favour on the day (which it will!). We are fully insured and accredited by the CAA with a PDRA-01 certification.

Capturing those big moments

The ceremony & speeches are recorded in full

The ceremony and speeches are the two key moments of your wedding day that we film using additional cameras. But don’t worry – as daunting as this may sound, your wedding isn’t about to be turned into a Hollywood film set. In fact, the cameras we use are really small and we always try to use clamps rather than tripods to disguise their footprint, allowing us to capture the angles we wouldn’t of otherwise got without drawing attention to ourselves.

We film both the ceremony and speeches in full. The extra cameras allow us to cut between angles in the edit. You should also know that we also use professional audio recorders and tiny Lavalier microphones to capture crystal clear audio – Because there’s nothing worse than muffled sound and loads of hiss!

Just you two

The couples moments

Once you’ve said your “I do’s”, the confetti’s been thrown, and you’ve had a little mingle with your guests. Now it’s time to take in the moment. At this point, your photographer may want to whisk you away to have your portrait shots done. Your portrait shots are more photographer led and we simply tag along to catch those candid moments between you two. We don’t tell you what to do other than to hold hands, take a stroll and soak it all up. You’ve just got married!!

Guest Messages

Video messages
from your nearest & dearest

Video messages are a nice touch to any wedding film we put together. We spend time with the bridesmaids, groomsman, parents, nans and grandads and ask them to leave some lovely words for you on film. This is shot after all the major formalities of the day have been concluded, allowing just enough time for the alcohol to set in nicely and for that confidence to grow in front the camera. Bit like the bridesmaids on the clip above….

What you get from us

Three cinematic films.
Beautifully crafted in 4K.

Trailer Film

The story of your day told in a 3 to 5 minute film – perfect for sharing on socials and creatively produced without giving too much away.

Feature Highlights

All the best shots of the day including video recordings from guests. Beautifully crafted together into a cinematic masterpiece lasting anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes.

Feature Film

The feature film replicates the feature highlights film where full edits of the ceremony and speeches are included.

Beautifully edited.
Perfectly sound tracked.

When it comes to the edit, everything is done from scratch. There is a genuine thought process behind what we create for our couples to make it unique to them – as opposed to being another wedding film made off a production line. Music and audio captured from the day plays a huge roll in the edit. We listen to tonnes of music from an array of libraries to closely match to the style and feel of your big day.

Cinematic colour grading.

We want to make sure your wedding film is an investment that is future proofed. We’ve invested heavily in small form factor cameras that not only just records in 4k but is capable of delivering the best image quality and colour information available. Every film we create once edited goes through a process called colour correction and colour grading. It’s what gives that cinematic look and feel without losing sight of what’s important.

Delivered to your private online gallery.

We’ve gone with the times and done away with the traditional USB stick and DVD – and instead we deliver your films to your own private online gallery. That way you can easily share, stream and download your films using any device.

Pricing & Availability

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